Sunday, October 24, 2010

where did happily ever after go

Everyone born in the late eighties and early ninety's read the age old sweet stories like Cinderella and the prince,snow white and the seven dwarfs and other tales that had happily ever after endings.
but taking a look at the relationships i see today is a heart breaking experience. couples that really used to love one another all of a sudden turn on each other,relationships everywhere are turning into something that doesn't have a name yet but which needs to be named.the dictionary does not have a word for the kind of lives people are living.
Divorce rates are high and one is no longer ostracized for being a divorcee,back in the day a divorce was seen as a failure now its like an opportunity to get a big chunk of cash if you married right. prenuptial agreements are an almost must in the wedding day checklist if you are the careful type.
and its getting even worse, the root of the problem is a mystery to me but the symptoms are there for all to see, i dare anybody to name five truly happy couples and i bet not that many people can take me up on that.
Statistics show that cases of divorce and marital abuse are at their highest. cases of promiscuity among couples are also on the high,couple that with all the venereal diseases and youll understand why despite my charm and all am staying single.
say a prayer for couples and marriages this Sunday.   

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